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Blanking and cutting of rolled metal sheets.
At the procurement site, the metal is processed and transformed into a semi-finished product suitable for further use. Before production processes, the workpieces are cleaned in a shot blast chamber. This method allows you to most effectively get rid of various types of contaminants, from dust to rust.

Surface preparation.
At the procurement site the following is used:
- automatic surface preparation line (3000 mm x 700 mm), Surface cleaning degree up to Sa3, Roughness index 40-100 microns,
- manual shot blasting chamber (dimensions 25m*6m*6m).

Cutting sheet metal.
VSD provides thermal cutting services for sheet metal and parts for various technical purposes using modern technologies.
Line for plasma cutting and drilling of steel sheets up to 200 mm thick.
Plasma cutting is equipped with a 3D head (for cutting surfaces at an angle).

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