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Advantages of modular steel towers

The modular steel tower offers several key advantages that make it a popular choice in the wind energy industry. Here are some of its main advantages:

  1. Modularity: The modular steel tower is designed with a modular construction approach, allowing for easy transportation, assembly on site, and efficient disassembly. This modular design enables flexibility in tower height and adaptability to various wind turbine models and site conditions. The greatest advantages of the modular tower are achieved at tower heights of 100 meters and above.

  2. Cost-effective: The modular design of towers helps reduce manufacturing and transportation costs. The standardized components and efficient assembly process contribute to overall cost savings, making it an economically attractive option for wind energy projects. Almost all tower elements are delivered to the tower installation site on standard trucks in special transport frames.

  3. Quick installation:  Modular steel towers are designed for swift and straightforward installation. The modular components can be easily transported and assembled on-site during 5 working days per 100 meters tower, minimizing downtime and accelerating the project timeline. Production cycle rate is one tower every 36 hours.

  4. Improved logistics: Due to its modular nature, modular steel towers can be efficiently transported using standard shipping containers or trucks. This feature simplifies logistics, reduces transportation challenges, and allows for cost-effective delivery to various locations, including remote or challenging terrains and mountains.

  5. Versatility:  modular steel towers are compatible with a wide range of wind turbine models, allowing for flexibility in turbine selection. The modular design also accommodates future upgrades or replacements, enabling adaptability to changing technology or project requirements.

These advantages make our modular steel towers an excellent choice for wind energy projects, offering cost-effectiveness, flexibility, reliability, and a commitment to sustainability.

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